Friday, March 30, 2007

OH, My Sweet, 'Sweet Jesus"

BBC NEWS | Americas | Storm in US over chocolate Jesus

Chocolate Jeezus, Chocolate Jeezus, ridin' on the dashboard of mah car . . .

It's finally Happened! The ultimate and definitive connection between the pagan and xian holiday - Chocolate Jesus!!

I guess there's no suprise that the Catholics are up in arms about it. I'm sure a little bit of research would turn up an objection from our pal Pat Robertson, too; this crowd's all too predictable. I'm curious if the objection is to the material or the subject matter. Well, since the pope is a former hitler youth (remember the german sermon at the conentration camp!?) and the pedophelia scandals, the Catholics need something to feel righteously and morally superior.

The Catholic League, which describes itself as the nation's largest Catholic civil rights organisation, also criticised the timing of the exhibition.

"The fact that they chose Holy Week shows this is calculated, and the timing is deliberate," Mr Donohue said.

Suggestion: in order t give the sculpture more reverence, he should create stimata fom the hands with a carefully concealed bladder filled with Hershey's chocolate syrup. I'd suggest the strawberry syrup, but that would seem a little hack . . .