Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Worshippers of Satan

(533) Worshippers of Satan

Now, who said all the bible thumpers had to be christian? The above link is a reference found on the http://www.alminbar.com/ web site; it looks to be a 'sermon bank' for Muslims. I KNOW there's a xian version of this, and pretty sure there is a Jewish one as well. I will be making it my mission to find these and make them public.
Here's a quote from the above reference (in case it ends up going away). Read this, and then think about some who has had this drilled into them since childhood. Think about some guy looking for something to fill the empty void of his existence. Iraqi insurgents hate us Americans so much, and why someone might be willing to strap a bomb to their body and kill a bunch of people who had nothing to do with anything. It sounds like the fires of hell are stoking up for Bush; although they could also be speaking about despot dictators in Bush's favor. This sermon could certianly be applied to Sharon.


Another form of their worship of Satan, is averting people from the way of Allaah, and fighting the allies of Allaah and trying to destroy their image, and torturing them, and meanwhile, supporting and making allies with the enemies of Allaah and respecting them and bringing them closer to themselves.

Listen to Allaah describing the characteristics of those who are from the party of Satan: "Have you not considered those who make allies of people with whom Allah has become angry. They are neither of you nor of them, and they swear to untruth while they know they are lying. Allah has prepared for them a severe punishment, indeed it is evil what they used to do. They took their false oaths as a cover so they averted people from the way of Allah, and for them is a humiliating punishment. Never will their wealth or their children avail them against Allah at all. Those are the companions of the fire, they will abide therein eternally.

“On the day (meaning the Judgment Day) Allah will resurrect them all, and they will swear to Him as they swear to you, And think that they have some standing. Unquestionable it is they who are the liars.

“Satan has overcome them and made them forget the remembrance of Allah. Those are the party of Satan unquestionably the party of Satan, they will be the losers, Indeed the ones who oppose Allah and his messengers, and his messenger those will be the most humble or humiliated.“
(Al-Mujaadalah: 14-20)


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