Tuesday, February 14, 2012

End the Islam bashing! (Or, clean first thine own house)

I think I have officially become sick of people saying negative and thinly-veiled racist attacks on Muslims.  I think the worst part about it is that the people spouting off really should know better.  Xians and Atheists both!

It's a bit more disappointing from atheists, because I would assume that if they feel so enlightened as to look beyond what man calls 'god' and look at what really is the inner truth, they would see why man is drawn to religion and why someone seeks to identify with what can't be understood through clinical observation.  Believing someone is less intelligent because of their adherence to some deity is elitist.  On the flip-side, believing that an atheist is being condescending (and thus insulting) because they do not believe in god is exclusionary.  Not many xians seem to be willing to discuss their beliefs with someone who says they do not believe.

It seems I've strayed a bit from the point on attacking Muslims - but it is all related.  In the West, Islam has always been considered alien.  And as far as xians and atheists are concerned, there is an old saying that my History teacher in college (a Palestinian) shared with us -
I against my brother;
I and my brother against my cousin.
Seems to describe the situation perfectly!

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