Friday, January 21, 2005

The Crusades 2005 - It's Not about the Oil. Honestly!

BBC NEWS | Middle East | Iran tops US 'trouble-spots' list

I'm sure that Bush and Co. see themselves as fulfilling the Manifest Destiny of the United States in liberating the infidel hordes from the dictators of the Arab world. Never mind that they spent most of the time Hussein was in power praising and propping him up - he was a secular force stemming the tide of communism - er, Islam. He was useful only insofar as he fought against Iran. His reward was our looking the other way on VX gas attacks and general dictatorshit fate.

Good thing the Arab community and countries see us as liberators and champions of democracy, peace and freedom. Just imagine if they thought of us as 'Crusaders', forcing Xianity at gunpoint when its interests are compromised.


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