Thursday, January 06, 2005

Reasoning behind the lack of material penned by Jesus of Nazarene

Louisiana Quaker eLetter vol.1, no. 11
I will give the author credit for spinning a tale that sounds so plausible that someone looking for a reason for it to be true. The main problem here is that it relies on articles of faith to excuse the fact that Jesus was a Jew, and any writings would have hsve been articles in propogation of his own Judaism. Note that neither Jesus or his original 12 Apostles were xian. When Paul sold his refined version of Judaism, he parted ways with the xians that believed the divinity of Jesus within the confines of Judaism.

Here's a quote to prove my point exactly:

Like the Torah in the hands of first-century Pharisees, the written words become more important than the one who delivered them. Jesus came to liberate us, not to bind us to new idols.

The problem faced in the invention of Xianity is that it has become bound to a new idol - that of the Jesus Christ. There is no way to seperate the paganistic binding of the Trinity or the imagry of the cross. And xians have struggled for years to explain how Jesus and God are the same person, yet Jesus is God's son. And that in the Trinity, we really have three dieties (not including Lucifer) in a monotheistic package.

Believe it or not, I'm not an athiest. I'm not agnostic either. I can no more disprove the existence of (anyone;s) God than someone could convince me of their existence. I'm not an intellectal that believes that the mind is God, or that faith in the unexplained can be a powerful force in the life of a believer. I just don't believe that there are as many real true believers out there. Sure, there are plenty of people who say they are, and thanks to Calvinism, this has become an accepted tenent of xianity (most likely, in every faith.)

God is what you make of him (or her.) If need be, God could be a general term for all the dieties that make up a person's fate. The only preresiquite is that it is real for the believer.

I genuinely enjoy the company of a real xian; but in the therm 'real xian' I mean the person who lives by their articles of faith, and sets an example by living their lives in the teacings of their beliefs and not spewing a bunch of old testament bullshit. A real xian lives their life in the example Jesus. More often than not, I run into xians who profess a true belief, yet inject their own self serving agendas into what they refer to as the 'will of Christ.'


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