Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Those who do not remember the past are doomed to repeat it.

So far, this article (Arlen Grossman: Obama's Special Olympics remark not hurtful) has been the 'vibe' I get when people explain why what Obama said during his Tonight Show appearance 'wasn't so bad.' I ws so insensed after reading it that I had t say something then and there!

After I posted, I thought that maybe I was baited for a comment (Limbaugh style.) After a bit of retrospect, I'm sure it was the autor's real feelings on the matter.

This was my response to the article. I thought it bore repeating:

"1. Developmentally disabled people were not offended by the joke. Hardly any of them would understand why they should be offended."

Wow! I heard that animals don't feel pain - guess it's okay to torture 'em!

"2. Let's consider who said it and what his intent was. "

The President of the United States of America should have known better than that; more so than anyone else.

"3. The truth is: Most Special Olympic athletes are not good at bowling."

What's your handicap?

Last thing: more often than not, when comments like yours are brandied about, 'honest and realistic' becomes code for 'insensitive, callous [and/or] bigoted.' I won't say that you are (I don't know you, so how can I?), but I will say that I completely disagree with your conclusion here.

I understand the context of what he meant. But that doesn't make it any less hurtful. And as president, it makes him look small-minded and cruel.


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